Reagan Gomez Gets Real While Parenting


regan-gomez-preston-twitter-cleveland-showI love when celebrity moms are real. By real I mean they know what it takes to be a mom and they don’t just rely on nannies to raise their children.

Take Reagan Gomez for example. She takes to Twitter, like a lot of us do, to voice her frustration or question some of the things her daughter does. Twitter is such a great outlet for that.


She said, “Are little girls supposed to like sand and dirt this much? Forget the swings and the slide.” Yes, yes they are.

She’s also realized that sometimes you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do, even if it means wiping a nasty nose on your shirt.

“When there’s no tissue around, what’s a good substitute? Mommy’s t-shirt, of course. You just fold the snot part up & show a little belly. When you are a mom, and it’s YOUR kid, no such thing as disgusting. Well, almost. Somebody’s gotta clean it up. 9 times outta 10, it’s gonna be you.”

I hope and pray that I’m only responsible for that 1/10 when it comes to snot. Yuck!


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