Real Estate Bonus: Inside Uma Thurman's House


uma thurman house apartment

Manhattan real estate gossips are abuzz over one truly luxe, and perhaps overpriced, property that just hit the market: Uma Thurman’s townhouse. Located in Greenwich Village and boasting 5 floors and 7 bedrooms, one thing comes to mind when looking at the pictures: Kids live here? Because, truly, it doesn’t look anything like a house full of romping, rousting, crayon drawing, and Dora exploring. It’s simply all so destroy-ably white.

And yet, by at least one eyewitness account, the $14.2-million home is usually abuzz with activity, pint-sized and otherwise.

A writer from W magazine was invited inside the home last year, and reported: Uma’s son “Levon and his 11-year-old sister, Maya, had friends over and were scrambling to finish dinner in time to catch a movie; Thurman’s personal assistant, Erin, was making sure her boss had everything she needed for the rest of the evening; a chef was starting on dinner for Thurman and her fiancé, Arpad “Arki” Busson (who was hanging out on the terrace, smoking); and Thurman’s Chihuahua, Sophie, was sneaking a drink from a reporter’s water glass (and being scolded by the nanny). There was another able-bodied young man of no clearly discernible position standing at the ready, plus a car and driver waiting outside. Team Uma in action is an impressive sight.”

Nice life, if you can get it. (the life isn’t for sale, just the townhouse)

SOURCE: The Real Estalker