Real Housewife Of New Jersey Teresa Chats On The Phone During Daughter's Birth (Video)


Real Housewife from New Jersey, Teresa Giudice, has four kids, a cook book on the New York Bestsellers list, and a potty mouth. She is also able to give birth like she’s simply making a cup of coffee.  Being in labor? No big deal at all.

I’ll be honest, I don’t usually watch this show. We have one TV and it’s not worth fighting over the remote when I know I will ultimately lose to whatever basketball game is on. However, in trolling the Internet today I saw a clip that made my mouth drop open and will make me watch more episodes.  Teresa was giving birth while on the phone! Just lying there chatting away to her friend and her daughter Gia like, ‘Hold on — contraction!'”

It’s amazing.  Click through to watch her talk away during the birth of the world’s youngest reality TV star, Audrina.