Real Housewife of New York Alex McCord to Model During Fashion Week


Alex McCord and her hubby Simon van Kempen’s fashion forays have been well documented on The Real Housewives of New York so it’s no surprise that the chic duo is participating in New York Fashion Week.

Alex has put on and modeled in a fashion show in Brooklyn and now she’s taking those cat walk moves to the majors by walking the runway in not one, but five shows including Susan Cianciolo, Project Runway alum Malan Breton, and “three others she can’t remember.” (Which, note to Alex: One is Ali Landry’s Belle Parish and I’ll be there to ask you about your forgetfulness).

Could modeling be her new side project? “There are these girls out there who are 15, but there’s definitely room for women who are not 15 … like me,” she tells NY Mag and she has a point. Aside from many of the Victoria’s Secret Angels, there aren’t enough mom models. 

She’s even been practicing her walk. “I worked with an amazing coach, Mac, and he came to my house and we walked up and down the hallways, scaring the cat and scaring my housekeeper. He taught me thinking of a string above my head. He taught me about leading with my hips, and keeping everything still, with nothing moving except my feet.”

Doesn’t sound all that tough. But can she do the Tyra Banks thing and “smize” (i.e. smile with her eyes)? “The only tough thing for me was relaxing my face. The last thing I’d want to do is make a face like Ramona on last season’s Housewives. I got it down eventually.

Her biggest fear is one that all models have nightmares about. “Hopefully I won’t fall off the runway.”

It would make for a great video though! Too bad RHNY cameras won’t be there to capture the moment.