Real Housewife of NJ Danielle Staub Sued for Defamation by Partner in Illicit Video


Danielle Staub of the Real Housewives of New Jersey has another problem brewing, which brings the total to nobody-can-count-that-high. One of the infamous tapes floating out there captures Staub with a certain Stephen Zalewski, who claims she has ruined his reputation. (One might argue hooking up with Staub in the first place would ruin one’s reputation, but I digress…).

Says Zaleweski: “I have people come up to me in restaurants telling me I’m going to hell, I’m not a good person. I try to explain to people I didn’t do anything wrong. She would send me [illicit] video texts of herself …I have nothing to do with that….Basically I want her to stop lying and ruining people’s lives, she’s really out of her mind, there’s something wrong with her.”

Ya think, Stephen?!  But, really, I’m less worried about Zalewski’s reputation than I am Staub’s two daughters. What impact must their mother’s persona and antics be having on them? Isn’t being a kid hard enough sometimes for crying out loud?  Imagine going to school when your mother is Danielle Staub who is acting this way ON TELEVISION?

The suit says that in the episode titled “Play at Your Own Risk,” Staub claims that Zalewski had filmed the tape without her consent. Zalewski’s attorney, Nase Naumoski say that Staub absolutely knew about the tape — and even filmed part of it herself.

Oh, and there are  e-mails and texts messages to prove Staub knew about the tape. Of course there are!

Naumoski says: “Danielle Staub constantly makes statements about my client that she knows are false & that continue to damage his reputation. We want to put a stop to it.”

While he’s at it, can he just put a stop to the whole show? Really, I’ve spoken of my obsession for the Real Housewives of New York City, but these New Jersey people are more than I can stomach. And I’m from New Jersey!