Real Housewives Drama! Teresa Guidice on Danielle Staub: Says Shes a "Piece of Garbage" and "I Hate Her" — Why?


If you can’t wait for next week’s Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion show antics, here’s a little hint of what you’ll be looking forward to. Pure craziness and chaos. Bravo has posted another teaser. If you’re in the mood for drama, well you won’t be disappointed.  And it gets heated, very heated. At one point Teresa Giudice lunges at Danielle Staub. But why?

Well it looks like Danielle started to stir the family pot and Teresa wasn’t taking any of it. Apparently, from what can be deduced from the carefully edited clip, Danielle said something about Teresa’s nephew, and that she didn’t “acknowledge” him. That’s when Teresa jumped off the couch and screams at Danielle about trying to rip apart her family. Danielle, understandably, leaves the stage.

With Teresa fuming, Danielle paces in the green room chiding host Andy Cohen for letting her “get into my face.”  When Andy tries to lure her back, Danielle strongly stated that, “if [Teresa] moves her ass off the couch I’m leaving.”  A threat he takes seriously. He confronts Teresa and talks to her as if she is a five-year-old about to get a time out, demanding that she can’t get off the couch again saying, “I’m really not kidding. You can’t get off the couch.” That’s where super glue would have come in handy.

And it’s not just Teresa, Danielle and Andy that got involved. Apparently Danielle’s ‘girlfriend’ Lori tried to get into the mix at one point but people held her back.

Oh the fun.

Will you be watching?