Real Housewives: Is Dating a Woman Danielle's Next "Stunt"?


Oh Danielle, is there anything you won’t do to try to get attention? This Real Housewife takes drama ‘to eleven,’ may or may not have released her own pornographic tape, and now in a new cry for attention, it looks like Danielle Staub may be going gay… Now there’s nothing wrong with switching teams, but knowing Danielle’s M.O. this may not be a deep seeded sexual leaning or a late in life awakening, but rather a way to keep her name in the news. There have been a couple of women (or as Danielle would say woman) who have come out as bi-sexual of late – Anna Paquin and Vanessa Carlton – who both had their public interest soar.

On Monday night’s Watch What Happens, Danielle sang her “wet and juicy lullaby,” a song that —as she told Andy Cohen is about “alotta lady lovin’.” She performed the song, closely, with “dyke diva” Lori Michaels and was coy about whether the two had a relationship brewing.  Danielle followed up with a Twitter post saying, “Thank you everyone for supporting me with love and kindness in my song “Real Close” bless my gf Lori Michaels.” Yup, her GF.

But I have to say,  it all smells of a stunt. Dina Manzo chimed in on her Twitter account saying
“by the way, go look at under blog & read about half way through. I think I predicted the next stunt a few weeks back.” In regards to Danielle’s claims to be being supportive of the gay community Dina wrote on her blog, “What’s next? Are you going to date a woman to prove to the world that you are so gay friendly? I wouldn’t put it past you. In my opinion the only thing you are an advocate for is yourself.” Maybe Dina, like Ramona, is a little bit psychic too!

But my main question is, what about her kids? If she was truly bi-sexual, then there is nothing wrong with alluding to it. But when you have two adolescent girls, being untruthful about who you are, just for press, seems like an awfully bad lesson to teach them. But then again, maybe Danielle truly does swing both ways, if so let’s hope she isn’t just exploiting it just for the attention.

What do you think? Is it an act?