Real Housewives' Jill Zarin Has a New Target: Alex McCord


Well, its been some time now since the Real Housewives three-hour tour in the Caribbean–and what a tour it was! Kelly Bensimon went ’round the bend, Jill Zarin broke up the party, Ramona Singer threw her out and the rest of us came clean about the guilty pleasure we’ve been harboring and began discussing this nutty show in public.

And yet, the hits keep coming. This week, Jill Zarin takes a page out of Kelly Bensimon’s ‘Hey guys, they started it’ playbook and finds a new target for her woes: Alex McCord.

Jill has said before that she felt that Alex could have welcomed her when she dropped into the Caribbean for her surprise visit, which would have swayed Ramona to allow her to stay. Now, she is going further, claiming that Alex’s rebuff was an attempt to make herself relevant.
“Alex wants to make herself more important on the show, and I totally respect that,” Zarin tells TV Guide. “And this was her way of doing it. This was her way of creating a place for herself to stay on the show. Without the drama of what she’s been doing, she really doesn’t have a place on the show.”

Well, if that’s not the pot calling the kettle back, I don’t know what is. I mean, isn’t that what all of them are doing? Making themselves relevant by behaving badly, and then rehashing it ad infinitum on Twitter and in print and to anyone who will listen?

Seems to be working.