Real Housewives of Atlanta - Where Is Lisa Wu Hartwell?


Real Housewives of Atlanta Lisa Wu HartwellLast night’s premiere of The Real Housewives of Atlanta brought two new housewives into the fray – Cynthia Bailey and Phaedra Parks – but where is Lisa Wu Hartwell this season?

Lisa received a couple of honorable mentions from her former housewives last night, but never appeared on camera.  The entrepreneurial housewife of seasons past is expected to make a couple of brief appearances this season before she fades into housewife history. 

Apparently Lisa is experiencing some “creative differences” with the Bravo show and has opted to take her leave.

Those creative differences center on some of the more scripted elements of the show that are amped up to increase the overall drama of the Atlanta ladies.  Lisa believes their lives are dramatic enough without the guidance of the network.

Lisa Hartwell is the second Atlanta housewife to leave the series following season one star former NBA wife DeShawn Snow.  Since leaving the show Snow’s husband Eric has filed for divorce and is seeking joing custody of their three sons.

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