Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: How is Taylor Armstrong's Daughter Doing Now?

How is Taylor Armstrong's Daughter Doing?

It has been a tragic year for the daughter of Russell and Taylor Armstrong.  This past August Russell Armstrong took his own life leaving behind not just 5-year-old daughter, Kennedy but son Aiden, 13 (with ex-wife Barbara Fredrickson) and son Griffin, 11 (with former fiancée Milette Fields).

The young Kennedy had already been dealing with her parents break up, which can be tragic just on it’s own. But losing a parent at such a young age, and in such a horrible way, has devastating effects of a child.  But time can help heal those wounds, and it seems to be helping Kennedy. Taylor tweeted a sweet message about how Kennedy is doing saying…

“My lil’ girl is twirling and singing in the mirror. Makes me smile to see her happy and playful.”  And this was met with happiness from other housewives, Lisa Vanderpump Retweeted the message adding, “Thank goodness x x.”

Let’s hope that there are many more twirling and singing moments for Kennedy and her mom.

Photo: PR Photos