Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Taylor Armstrong is as Skinny As Ever (Photos)

Taylor Armstrong Back in Black

Now, many women opt to wear black because it is slimming. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Taylor Armstrong? She does not need to don it for that reason. Perhaps as a color of mourning or that it strikes a strong contrast to her pale skin and blond hair, but to make her look thin? Not so much. The girl is super skinny already!

Her weight has been a topic of conversation – from it being a result of a “divorce diet” to her past eating disorders coming to light. But one thing for sure, Taylor could certainly do with putting on a couple more pounds.

Taylor Armstrong was spotted – looking as thin as ever – going to a birthday party for Brittny Gastineau at SUR in Los Angeles. Check out her skinny style right here!

  • Taylor Armstrong 1 of 5
    Taylor Armstrong
    Taylor wore a very tight pair of jeans along with her black top, jacket and boots.
  • Taylor Armstrong 2 of 5
    Taylor Armstrong
    She looked very thin on the way to dinner, let's hope she ate something!
  • Taylor Armstrong 3 of 5
    Taylor Armstrong
    She held on to a bottle of gift wine.
  • Taylor Armstrong 4 of 5
    Taylor Armstrong
    Taylor looked happy at least.
  • Taylor Armstrong 5 of 5
    Taylor Armstrong
    Do you think Taylor needs to gain some weight?



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