Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Wholl Bring the Crazy? Wholl Be the Most Stable?


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
There is a whole new group of Real Housewives to get to know, get to love and get to hate. For most, the jury is still out. What are these ladies the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – all about and how much drama will they bring to the incredibly popular Real Housewives franchise. Each series has their angels, their devils, their wise and their wacky, so who will be the housewives stealing the thunder in the first season of the 90210 edition of the show?

The sane:

Lisa VanderPump – She seems generous, kind and seems to have a sense of humor.

Adrienne Maloof — She has a business mind and seems to have a great big work ethic.

Taylor Armstrong -Seems level headed enough, but she might bring the crazy later.

The crazy
Maybe it’s just the circumstances but Camille Grammer seems like she’ll be bringing the crazy. And she has some crazy behaviors, she has four nannies for two children, yup, two nannies per kid.  She seems a bit delusional and distracted.

Kim and Kyle Richards — The sisters have issues, like real issues, and they don’t seem to find playing them out for the cameras!

Who do you think will be the craziest and who will be the sanest?