Real Housewives of Beverly HIlls: Why Are Taylor Armstrong & Daughter Getting Death Threats?

Taylor Armstrong and Daughter Kennedy Receiving Death Threats

Taylor Armstrong of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is scared. And for good reason. Someone has sent her and her six-year-old daughter Kennedy death threats.

The death threats were posted on Twitter on Sunday night and were worrisome enough that the FBI has been called. What did the tweets say?

According to RadarOnline the first tweet  from the user @Hardboiledpeggs said, “see u on February 7 ill be there with a book and a rope so i can kidnap u.”  On February 7th Taylor was to do a book signing in New Jersey for her memoir Hiding From Reality. Taylor responded to the creepy tweet by saying, “Don’t ever contact me again.”  But that just seemed to egg the tweeter on, they upped the ante by tweeting, “Turn around bright eyes every now and then, Kennedy’s dead,” Yeah, pretty horrible. She again responded with the message, “Don’t ever contact me again.”

After the last transmission, the twitter account was deleted, the FBI was contacted and there will be – reportedly-  increased security for the book signing. “Taylor absolutely freaked out when she read the death threats. These were credible serious threats against Taylor and her daughter, Kennedy. The Tweets that were sent to Taylor have been turned over to the FBI,” a law enforcement source told

But why would they threaten Taylor and her daughter? Sadly, when someone becomes famous, and especially when they share so much personal information with the world, they will become the victim of unwanted attention, some of it very negative.  Sometimes the person just wants to be noticed by the star (or anybody) and sometimes the person is actually disturbed and does intend to hurt the celebrity in question. Let’s just hope, for Taylor and Kennedy, that it’s just a crank tweet with no real intention behind it.

If you were Taylor would you go into hiding or continue business as usual.