Real Housewives of DC Finale Sneak Peek: Michaele Salahi, The Morning After Crashing The White House


The Salahi’s made global news when they crashed the White House. The story captivated America and showed some massive holes in national security. The Salahi’s had to go through some legal back and forth, but never served any jail time and claimed they really thought they were invited.

Whether they really thought that or not, there is no way to know for sure. But we will get to watch them play for Bravo’s cameras during the Real Housewives of DC finale, which shows the couples process to the party and their reaction the day after when the press begins to attack.

Last week we saw Michaele getting ready and searching for her invite, which surprise, comes up missing! This is located below, along with a preview clip of the finale, which is rumored to show the couple actually air kissing at the White House gates, reviewing their pics from the party the day after.


Getting ready on last week’s episode: