Real Housewives of DC: Michaele Salahi Wants Plastic Surgery


Easily the most controversial cast member of the new Real Housewives of D.C., White House crasher Michaele Salahi spends a great deal of her time fighting off rumors.

Right now, the hot word about her is that she has an eating disorder–a rumor spread by fellow Housewife Lynda Erkiletian, who said Salahi is “anorexic.”

“Honestly, I can’t believe those women have so much time to devote my weight,” Salahi told InTouch Weekly. “If they get out there and move, they will look like me and be thin, and it’ll allb e good.” Salahi insisted she’s always been thin, and has absolutely no unhealthy eating–or lack of eating–habits.

When it comes to other aspects of her looks, though, she’s slightly less confident. Salahi admitted she would definitely get plastic surgery–and already has in mind a few procedures she’d opt for. “I would love to do a whole lot of Botox and maybe get collagen, too,” she said. “I also think it would be great to have boobs. I’m a B [cup], so I’d get a C. I’m all for anything you can do to make yourself look and feel better.”

Salahi’s husband, Tareq, apaprently isn’t quite as eager for Michaele to go under the knife, but she’s not giving up quite yet–she’s hoping to be in an operating room within six months.

Do we have another reality TV plastic surgery addict–a la Heidi Montag–in the making here?


Photo: Janet Mayer/PR Photos

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