Real Housewives of DC: Who Wants Michaele & Tareq Salahi Autograph? Apparently Nobody!



Michaele and Tareq Salahi of The Real Housewives of DC are in the process of trying to milk their 15 minutes of every last drop.  They have been doing their fair share of personal appearances, Michaele sold her white house crash worthy sari for 7k, and they also tried to sell a slew of autographed photos on eBay. So how did the signatures do?

Apparently it was a great big flop! They supposedly put up 200 autographed photographs up for sale for $100 a pop. Only two sold! The remaining 198? They slashed the price to just $50.  But what will they do if all the other ones don’t sell? “There’s 198 left,” their publicist said. “We might use them for wallpaper.”

How much would you pay for their autograph?

Photo: PCN