Real Housewives of New Jersey: Blame Ashley or Danielle?


Anyone who watched the weekly storm that is Real Housewives of New Jersey tonight saw the drama continue between Jacqueline Laurita’s daughter Ashley and the always-questionable Danielle Staub. We’ve all heard about the fact that Ashley made some sort of attack on Danielle, who has been an enemy of the other Housewives all season, and tonight we got to see the rather intense hair-pull and all-out chaos at what otherwise could’ve been a civilized fashion show.

For the past few episodes, we saw Ashley get chastised by mom Jacqueline for sending online threats and negative messages to Staub, despite the fact that Staub may indeed have been provoking them. Clearly, Ashley’s anger couldn’t be totally contained. The question is, is she out of control? Should all this drama and over-the-top chaos be blamed on Ashley? Is she simply out of control?

Some say yes, this young woman is rebellious and immature, and provoked a mess that could’ve otherwise been avoided. But others say Staub, who is a mother of two herself, is the one to blame. She presumably should be more mature than Ashley, and have some desire to set an example for her girls–who are still at very moldable ages–instead of creating feuds and intense arguments with other women, including one who is significantly younger than she is.

And what about Jacqueline? She seems like the most down-to-earth and reasonable Housewife at many times–she and husband Chris lay down the law with Ashley on a regular basis, taking a no-nonsense approach to parenting. Or so we think. She did, after all, participate a great deal in the drama that ensued on tonight’s episode. Does Jacqueline have some responsibility in Ashley’s actions, or has she done all she could to prevent her eldest child from getting into trouble?

Where would you place the blame in this outrageous situation?