Real Housewives of New Jersey: Is Teresa Giudice's Chinchilla Coat Real or Fake? (Photos)

Is Her Coat Real or Fake?

Teresa Giudice knows how to stay warm in the cool Fall air. The Real Housewives of New Jersey star made up for her bare legs by wearing a big fur coat, and a chinchilla one at that.

Now, it could be a faux fur coat, but looking close up at the jacket, it looks pretty real. And a real chinchilla jackets? They ain’t cheap, they retail in the thousands. This could have been a rabbit fur dyed to give a chinchilla look, but knowing Teresa, it’s real. Yes, she may be millions of dollars in debt, but keeping warm is probably worth it to her.

Let’s just hope there weren’t any PETA people in the vicinity.

Do you think that her Chinchilla jacket is real or fake? Check out more photos here.

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    Teresa Giudice
    Yeah, she's all about the coat.
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    Teresa Giudice
    Plus check out how TAN she is. Too much?
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    Teresa Giudice
    She opens her coat so everyone can check out her dress underneath.
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    Teresa Giudice
    And the rock on her finger? Yeah, it's big.
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    Teresa Giudice
    At least the coat will keep her warm while her legs are bare.

Photos: PacificCoastNews