Real Housewives of New Jersey: Jacqueline Laurita's Sons - They Look So Much Like Dad! (Photos)

Jacqueline Laurita Tweets Cute Pics of Sons

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Jacqueline Laurita tweeted a few adorable photos of her sons CJ and Nicholas today. The proud mommy, whose daughter Ashlee turned 21 on December 1st, showed off her younger two. And one thing we noticed? They look so much like their dad Chris!

Her son Nicolas really looks like Chris, especially in the eyes. She tweeted two photos of him today and you can really notice it.

Check out these adorable photos of Jacqueline’s son right here. So cute!

  • Jacqueline Laurita’s Son Nicholas 1 of 4
    Jacqueline Laurita's Son Nicholas
    Jacqueline tweeted, "Nicholas says, Fuggedaboudit!..."
  • Jacqueline Laurita’s Son CJ 2 of 4
    Jacqueline Laurita's Son CJ
    Jacqueline tweeted, "CJ requested subway4dinner 2night. Easy enough.2bad Daddy isn't going4 it.For him I need another plan "
  • Jacqueline Laurita’s Son Nicholas 3 of 4
    Jacqueline Laurita's Son Nicholas
    Jacqueline tweeted,"Nicholas is out for a walk with @Sarahhrehovcik while CJ and I are out getting our hair done. :0)"
  • Nicholas’s Nursery Rhymes 4 of 4
    Nicholas's Nursery Rhymes
    Jacqueline tweeted, "Why would anyone want to read these to their kids?Seriously?Im going 2 make up my own nursery rhymes." She added, "After reading &comprehending my sons nursery rhymes,Ive realized they really arent meant4children.They r disturbing lil stories from History."

Photos: Twitter