Real Housewives of New Jersey: Joe Giudice Fighting DUI


Teresa and Joe Giudice

You know Real Housewives of New Jersey hubby Joe Giudice was going to have some kind of excuse in regards to being arrested for a DUI.

On this week’s episode of the Bravo TV hit, Joe claims that he only got his drink on after he totaled his truck. His side of the story is that after he crashed his car, which just so happened outside of his dad’s house, he went in to call the cops.  His dad offered him some coffee or water but Joe claims that isn’t what he needed. There was a bottle of booze sitting there so instead he downed, “three or four shots before the cops got there.” Really? You’re waiting for the cops after you total your car and you are doing shots? Even Jacqueline chimed in saying, “You just called the cops and you do a couple of shots. What’s wrong with you?!” He is claiming that is why his blood sample at the hospital showed high levels of alcohol. He is still standing by his tale that he hadn’t had anything to drink before the crash and that he was just tired. He claims he isn’t one to drive drunk and that, “If I’m drunk I give my wife the keys.”

Due to this March 2010 accident, Joe was fined $864 and has had his driver’s license revoked for a year and was sentenced to thirty days of community service. And according to records, this isn’t the first time his license was suspended. Supposedly, over the last twenty years, almost ten years was spend having his license suspended. He must be a really bad driver.

But Joe ain’t taking it laying down. He plans to appeal. And his main complaint? That the thirty days of community service is too severe! But as it stands now, if he doesn’t complete the community service he’ll have to do thirty days in jail. Me thinks he should just pitch in for his community and do some good.

Do you think he should do time for his “crime.” Do you believe his story?

Photo: Bravo TV