Real Housewives of New Jersey Prove That Yelling, Screaming and Cat Fights Really Pay Off


There are many roads to success. Some go to college and get degrees. Others invent something needed and useful. And a few might have some kind of marketable talent or skill. Then there are the Real Housewives.

Although some of the cast of the Real Housewives may have some kind of special talents, the show isn’t about that. It’s about the drama, and high octane personal drama it is. It turns out that being nasty, backstabbing and cruel pays off. Big.

This week’s Real Housewives of New Jersey broke records for Bravo.  The episode featured a confrontation between Teresa, Jacqueline, and Ashley and their nemesis Danielle. And viewers really tuned in to see all the mayhem and the madness of the melee. How many viewers? 3.29 million!  The episode was the “highest-rated, non-finale episode of the reality series.”

What kind of lesson is this teaching the daughters of the Real Housewives? Young minds are very impressionable and the idea that “Mommy” made it big by acting so despicable is a questionable. Some of the girls are too young to understand (like Teresa’s). But how about single mom Danielle? What kind of message is she sending to her daughters with her hi-jinx and histrionics? I smell oodles of therapy bills in their futures.

Is reality star a “real” job?