Real Housewives of New Jersey: Shocking Details About Danielle Staub's Past!


We all knew there were some skeletons in the closet of the Real Housewife of New Jersey‘s Danielle Staub. But it’s not just one or two, it sounds like she has a whole army of skeletons in there. There were new allegations about her totally shocking past and she ain’t no saint. Forget love and light it’s more like crime and chaos. So what is being said about Danielle and her old wild ways?

Danny Aguilar, who was a cohort of Danielle’s back in the day, is demanding $100,000. A repayment of money he allegedly put up to save Danielle’s life when drug dealers wanted to kill her. Danny and Danielle had been busted together. He did fifteen years in prison for the crime while Danielle got nada, having made a deal with the feds and turning against her pals. Not one to minch words, Danny told that Danielle is a, “She’s a snitchin’ coke wh*re.” Ouch. And he means that literally. Like she was a snitch, liked to do coke and was a prostitute, he just opted to say it in a more…umm… poetic way.

Danny was questioned under oath in California for several hours about Danielle (in regards to a lawsuit a slander suit against Danielle from her ex husband Kevin Maher). Danny claims that when he first met Danielle in the 1980s, she was working as a hooker in Miami.  He has called an escort service and Danielle was sent to him and he paid her $150 for her services. Then the two started to date, off the clock that is. They got involved in a drug deal that went horribly wrong and Danny had to come up with 100 grand to save her life when the drug lords wanted her dead. According to Danielle, she had claimed the drugs in question had been stolen from her, but Danny believes that she was in cahoots with another man and lied to him, making up the whole “the drugs were stolen” story.

There was also a tale of how they were demanding money from the “other man” and when he couldn’t come up with it Danielle lost it and “grabbed a loaded 9mm Beretta gun and hit the man several times in the head.” (an act that was mentioned by Jacqueline Laurita on a recent episode). She then talked to the man’s dad on the phone saying that they would kill his son if he didn’t send them money.  That’s when Danielle and Danny were arrested and charged with extortion and intent to distribute drugs.

In his testimony Danny was apparently asked if he wanted to harm Danielle now. He told that, “I said, ‘I don’t want to answer that’ but she said I had to answer, so I said, ‘Honestly I wanted to kill her because of what she did, but I realize that if she’s dead I’m not going to get paid.’

He added: “Dead bodies can’t pay you what they owe you. I want her alive.”

Photo: PR Web