Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa Giudice & Family Go Sausage Crazy! (Photos)

Teresa Giudice

Wow. I so wish I was hanging out with Teresa Giudice and her family this week. Why? Because the Real Housewives of New Jersey star along with Joe, Joe’s Dad and a girl or two made a slew of sausages. And when I say “slew” I actually mean almost a ton…literally. Teresa said they made 800 pounds of sausages! Wow!

Teresa wrote on her website:

“We’ve spent the last few days at Joe’s parents house making homemade Italian sausages: thick ones and thin ones, sweet and hot (our favorite)! It’s a whole process and takes a few days. You have to buy the meat, and trim the fat and cut it up, then you add your own blend of spices, then stuff it in casings (I won’t tell you what). Then you hang them to cure. We do at Joe’s parents house because you need to hang them in a basement, and we don’t have one. My parents and my kids and 2 ladies from our church were there as well. We needed the help because we made a LOT: over 800 pounds! Can’t wait to eat it! Mmm…”

Check out photos of their sausage making right here!

  • Sausages! 1 of 4
    One of Teresa's daughters shows off their sausages!
  • Joe Giudice 2 of 4
    Joe Giudice
    One of the proud sausage makers, Joe Giudice!
  • Joe’s Dad 3 of 4
    Joe's Dad
    Joe's Dad's basement is perfect for sausage making.
  • The Work In Progress 4 of 4
    The Work In Progress
    The strands of sausages before they've been tied.

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