Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa Giudice vs Dina Manzo - Which Family Lifestyle Maven Do You Trust More?

Dina Manzo vs. Teresa Giudice

Real Housewives stars Teresa Giudice and Dina Mazno are both quite outspoken women – about their families, their friends and the way they live their lives. These two don’t just make suggestions on how to feed the family and throw the party at afternoon tea and at friend’s barbecues. They are both making a living on telling us all how our families can live  a Real Housewives life via their one woman media machines in the form of books and TV shows. But who’s life style suggestions would follow and trust?

Teresa Guidice imparts her cooking wisdom to the masses from family recipes to ways to eat Italian lighter in her two cookbooks – Fabulicious!: Teresa’s Italian Family Cookbook and Skinny Italian: Eat It and Enjoy It – Live La Bella Vita and Look Great, Too! which both spent time on the best sellers lists.  And Dina Manzo has her own show “Dina’s Party” on HGTV – giving party tips to family’s nationwide.

They both are “selling” a way of life. But while their books and home show both try to give a vision of family fun, both of  these ladies have quite a lot of real life family drama.  Do you buy into what they are selling? Who’s family lifestyle advice would you more likely follow? Teresa Giudice or Dina Manzo?

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Fabulicious!: Teresa’s Italian Family Cookbook