Real Housewives of NJ: Teresa Guidice To Get A Restraining Order Against Danielle?


If you had to deal with a crazy person, someone who is unpredictable, known for random outbursts, and that hated your guts, wouldn’t you attempt to get a restraining order? Yeah, I would too.

And Teresa Guidice of the Real Housewives would love to get one against her notorious nemesis on the show, the one and only Danielle Staub.  But it looks like that won’t be happening anytime soon, Teresa said…

“Believe me, if we could get a restraining order against a cast member, Danielle would have had four against her already. I never threatened her. She, however, has been on camera threatening me, stalking me and even practicing doing me harm,” she told Rob Shuter of Popeater.

So why couldn’t Teresa get an order for the seemingly unhinged and perhaps dangerous Danielle to stay away from her and her family? Well, it looks like Bravo has some pretty ‘tight’ contracts with the cast members so they can’t do things like sue each other or file for things like restraining orders.

But how about if Teresa actually felt that Danielle was some sort of threat to one of her daughters? Or what if Jacqueline thought that Danielle could try to harm Ashley in some form of revenge for the hair pulling incident?  Perhaps since Dina couldn’t get a restraining order, that could be one of the reasons why she left the show.

So that begs the question, is Bravo there to protect them and their children? Or perhaps they just trust the women not escalate things even more.

Do you think Danielle is dangerous and if you were one of the ladies would you fear for your family?

Photos: BravoTV