Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa's Salary Ultimatum


Not only is she shoving Andy Cohen, but Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice is also getting tough with Bravo. Sources close to the hit show have said that “several of the women are no longer satisfied with their deals,” according to TMZ. And if they don’t get more money, some of them may jump ship before Season 3, which begins shooting on September 3rd.

It’s no surprise that Giudice, who has had major, public financial problems, is at the forefront of this fight. Not only does this mom want money from DVD and merchandise sales and more freedom for paid appearances, but she’s also requesting her salary be doubled.

“She would like to be paid more equivalent to what the Jersey Shore kids are getting,” a source close to Giudice told TMZ. “If she’s not treated better by Bravo, she’s ready to walk away.” Only time will tell if Giudice and the other housewives will be able to get Bravo to increase their salaries–perhaps to the $30k an episode those Jersey Shore stars are raking in.


Photo: Charles Norfleet/PR Photos