Real Housewives of New Jersey: Why is Danielle Staubs Ex Suing AGAIN?!?


Danielle Staub

Oh, why can’t those crazy kids get along? This week Danielle Staub settled with her ex-husband Kevin Maher. Her bitter ex, who was the subject of “Cop Without a Badge,” sued Danielle for $5 million dollars.  Yes, $5million dollars. Why?

Because he claims that the Real Housewife of New Jersey was talking a bunch of smack about him and made false accusations about him. He said he was glad it was over and there were rumors that he got a pretty nice settlement.  But whatever he got, it apparently wasn’t enough. He’s now suing again, but he’s not going after Danielle but rather… Simon & Schuster, the publishers of her book “The Naked Truth”, which he thinks is more like The Naked Lie. And you thought five million was a lot of money? He’s supposedly suing the book company for $10 Million! Looks like being married to Danielle Staub might have a bright side after all.

Photo: PCN

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