Real Housewives of New Jersey's Melissa Gorga: "I Was Born To Be A Mommy"

The Gorga Family

Even though it’s been a few good months since the Real Housewives of New Jersey were last on air with their much-talked about reunion on Bravo, the Garden State ladies are still making headlines. Unlike the women from D.C., Miami, and even New York, Melissa, Teresa, Jacqueline, Caroline and Kathy still have everyone gossiping about what they’re doing, what they’re wearing and what they’re Twittering about.

While Melissa Gorga only joined the cast this past season, she’s already one of the most recognized names in the entire Housewife series. The gorgeous mama and budding singer just screams New Jersey without uttering a single word with her style, her moves, and of course the sassy but sweet girl-next-door attitude.

Babble had the opportunity to talk to this mother-of-three about her kids and asked her a few tough questions about her kids and social media, pre-teen fashions and not only having it all, but doing it all, as well.

Babble: Pre-teens scare me. The cyber-bullying, the clothes, and the cattiness are some of the things I am not looking forward to when my own daughter reaches that age. Your daughter Antonia is 6 now, so she still has some time to go, but as a mother, do you think it’s right for some young children to have their own social-networking accounts on Facebook and Twitter? There are some really mean people out there and no matter how hard you try to monitor their accounts, some form of cyber-bullying is bound to happen. What are your thoughts?

Melissa Gorga:  I experienced cyber-bullying first hand from putting my life on a reality show.  Its nasty and its disgusting and you can’t imagine why someone would sit behind a computer and hurt someone’s feelings, but It happens.  I personally don’t think social networking is a place for young children.  They have so much time to do it when they get older, why subject them to it at such an early age?

Babble: Johnny Depp’s daughter Lilly-Rose Depp was recently photographed by X17 dressed, let’s say a bit mature for a girl who is only 12-years-old. As a mother, do you believe that the “anything goes” attitude for pre-teens is OK, or should they dress a little more like their age? When it comes to your own daughter’s wardrobe do you find yourself being liberal or conservative about what she wears?

Melissa Gorga:  I grew up in a very strict household where I wasn’t allowed to go to the mall unless I had something to buy or leave the house unless my Dad approved of what I was wearing.  No, I don’t believe in the “anything goes attitude,” you need to teach them at an early age to listen to you and trust your judgment.  My daughter is only 6 but I can only imagine what it will be like when she gets to that age, but that’s all part of motherhood.  That’s why I love being a Mommy.  Antonia is a girly girl.  She still allows me to dress her in the poofy skirts and put the big bows in her hair. I have a feeling that when she gets older I am definitely going to be more conservative.  I want to keep her in the poofy skirts and hair bows as long as she lets me.  If it was up to me, she would play with Barbie dolls until she’s 18.

Babble: I’ve come across a few sites that have mentioned that you’re a mother that does it all: you cook, you clean, and you take care of your children with minimal help. A lot of mothers seem to have this whole “I Don’t Know How She Does It,” syndrome going on which is great, but can also be exhausting. When your three children are pulling you in three different directions, what do you do to calm the situation down?

Melissa Gorga: I have people come up to me all the time and ask me how I do it.  To be honest, I don’t think about it, I just do it. I think I was born to be a mommy.  Its all I ever wanted since the time I started high school.  I dreamed of getting married and having babies.  I am a go getter, if an opportunity arises such as the housewives I am going to take it and figure out a way to do it all.  No matter what, my husband and my children will always come first to me.  If my kids are pulling me in 3 different directions, I just one by one try to please them all.  I am very lucky to have respectful kids that are really over all great kids.   I am definitely more of the disciplinarian.  They are with me all day long so when Joe gets home, he doesn’t want to spend time disciplining them, its playtime.  I have a feeling though that as they get older that will change.  Joe already teases about how when they get older there is going to be bars on their windows.

Babble: With my own two children, I try to limit the amount of television they watch and like most moms, try to monitor the type of programs they watch as well (basically it’s just a few episodes of Disney Junior in the mornings so I can get my writing done). What are the television rules in the Gorga household?

Melissa Gorga:  I am not big on the kids watching TV, I never was.   I am definately not that mom that turns the TV on and plops their kids in front of it all day long.  They come home from school, do their homework and they can watch a show or two while I make dinner but after dinner its family time.  Our schedules get very busy so we really take as much time to enjoy them when we can.  Obviously Joey is a baby, I do allow him to watch Elmo when he wants to.

Babble: Let’s talk celebrity babies. You were very traditional in naming your three children after their family and heritage. What do you think of Blue Ivy Carter’s name? Should they have gone a more traditional route and named their daughter after their hometowns, like Brooklyn Houston?

Melissa Gorga:  I actually like the name Blue Ivy, although I might have reversed it to Ivy Blue.  I don’t have a problem when celebrities pick creative names.  They are artists and that’s part of who they are.

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