Real Housewives of NJ: Could Teresa Guidice Do Jail Time?


Will Teresa Guidice of The Real Housewives of New Jersey be swapping her Swarovski crystal studded handbags for handcuffs?

The cash strapped mom of four and her husband Joe are being charged with lying under oath by a bankruptcy court trustee. They allegedly forgot to disclose their interests in a laundromat, a pizza place, Teresa’s clothing and hair accessory company as well as Teresa’s best selling cookbook “Skinny Italian” in their bankruptcy filings. In a nutshell the two are accused of “making false statements under oath about their assets, income and expenses.” Oops.

Perjury is pretty serious business and is considered a crime and deemed as a felony. Those who are charged with perjury can be looking at… up to 5 to 7 years in prison!

Who knows how much Teresa was involved in these shenanigans, perhaps just hubby Joe will be found guilty. Or if they’re really lucky, the accusations won’t lead to any kind of sentencing.  With four kids at home, here’s hoping the family unit will stay intact.

Do you think either of them will see jail time for their bankruptcy issues?

Photo: Pacific Coast News