Real Housewives of NJ: Is Dina Manzo Making a Return to Bravo?


If you thought you’d seen the last of ex-Real Housewives of New Jersey cast member Dina Manzo, think again. Dina left the show a couple months ago because that “very troubled lady” Danielle Staub. But it looks like Dina isn’t totally avoiding the limelight but purely just avoiding her nemesis Danielle. It turns out that it looks like Dina may just be doing some filming with the Housewives, but not just with her peeps from New Jersey but with…the housewives of Orange County!

Dina tweeted that “fun dinner with our crew & OC’s Gretchen, Laurie & their men. Very nice people! Another long day tomorrow in the city~top secret ; )”

But perhaps I could just be getting your hopes up. Maybe she meant “crew” as in her friends and family? Caroline and Jacqueline were at the dinner. And In a tweet from Gretchen, it looks like Andy Cohen showed up to dinner too. And also she was seen with Lauri of Orange County who left that franchise a while ago. Maybe they’re doing some kind of spin off? It’s apparently “top secret” so who knows!

Also Gretchen spent time with another New Jersey girl, she hung out with Ashley Holmes, Jacqueline’s daughter, Gretchen saying “so nice to meet her! Glad we got to play!”

Do you miss Dina, are you looking forward to her return in whatever form?

Photo: BravoTV