Real Housewives of NJ: Jacqueline On Danielle's Danny Drama - She Fears For Her Family's Safety


Remember the days when Real HousewivesJacqueline Laurita was BFFs with Danielle Staub? That seems like a lifetime ago. There was once a time with Jacqueline would be quick to come to Danielle’s defense but now she’s just a quick to dish the dirt. It really seems that Jacqueline has been stunned by what she now sees as Danielle’s true nature and her scandalous past. But it isn’t all in the past anymore, now an ex-felon and an old cohort of Danielle’s, Danny Aguila, has reappeared and is demanding money from Danielle. And these old drug ties of Danielle coming out of the woodwork isn’t just annoying for Danielle it’s also affecting those around her and filling Jacqueline with fear. She wrote on her Twitter page that:

“Don’t even THINK about putting me in the same room w/that woman again! Enough is Enough!This is no joke!I fear 4our safety&those around her”

She added that “1986 called 2collect!We feared this from day1!D lied&denied it would happen when I confronted her!How dare she put us in danger!”

And in hindsight she is mortified that she may have put her kids in danger saying, “Would YOU want to be filming with her when he comes to “collect”?Or put UR family in danger?I was 1ce in her home w/my kids!”

And although Danielle claims she did nothing wrong and paid her dues, Jacqueline disagrees saying, “Ratting people out on a plea bargain is not the same as paying ur dues! Wrong place at the wrong time my ass!”

Do you think Jacqueline should feel that her family was or is in danger? Or do you think she’s just overreacting?

Photo: Bravo TV