Real Housewives of NJ Joe Giudice Does Jail Time Is Teresa Next?

Teresa Giudice
Is Teresa Giudice Headed to Jail?

Things have gotten very complicated in the Real Housewives of New Jersey home of Joe and Teresa Giudice. On Monday Joe went and turned himself in for a ten day stint in the slammer. And this jail time v-cay is just the top of the iceberg for the Guidices. They also have that whole 11 million dollar bankruptcy issue to deal with. Oh the fun. Plus allegations of lying under oath which could lead to big time criminal charges, including fraud and perjury.  And now there is speculation that Teresa may end up behind bars herself. Will she?

Teresa is a pretty tough cookie. But an insider told the National Enquirer that this native New Jersey girl is “terrified at the thought of being locked in a cell.” The worst part for Teresa? “The thought of being separated from her kids is almost too much for her to handle,” the insider said. “She could go from her big mansion to the big house and she’s on the brink of a meltdown.”

The U.S. Trustee assigned to the case has filed to block the bankruptcy. They charged that Teresa and Joe “have knowingly and fraudulently made false oaths in this case.” They may turn it over for criminal prosecution, which would probably put both of them in the big house.

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