Real Housewives of NJ Season 3? Teresa Totally Backtracks On Twitter!


On Monday, it appeared that Teresa Giudice had confirmed that she would indeed be rejoining the cast of The Real Housewives of New Jersey for season three, which starts shooting this month. The housewife threw up a tweet saying,  “Oh and as for Dancing with the Stars, I couldn’t do it this season b/c of RHONJ season 3 taping schedule, but next season, for sure.”  But that was a negotation no-no! Supposedly Teresa is still in talks with Bravo and is trying to get more money for letting her life be so exposed to the world, and really who can’t blame her! Especially after part one of the reunion show had about 3.9 million viewers.

But then Teresa backtracked saying:

“I only deleted my tweet about DWTS b/c people were reading too much into it. Sorry to confuse anyone. It’s only 140 chars! Xx” She later tweeted, ”  ”¨”¨”¨I *really* do not know if there will be a Season 3 of #RHONJ, but obviously I can’t get involved in another show that starts next week…

And she’s still is feeling the love for Bravo saying, ” I love love love DWTS, but my first loyalty is to Bravo and RHONJ and our wonderful fans. Xx”

Do you think Bravo will give her what she wants? With Danielle gone from the show, I doubt it could continue with just Jacqueline and Caroline. That would get boring fast. One thing about that Teresa, besides having a wicked temper, she’s good for the ratings!

Photo: PR Photos