Real Housewives of NJ Season Finale - Sneak Peek! Danielle Staub Vs. Caroline Manzo (VIDEO)


Real Housewives of New Jersey

You can already smell the fireworks. Next week’s Real Housewives of New Jersey will be explosive for sure. And it just happens to be the final episode of the season and perhaps the last Real Housewives appearance of Danielle Staub.  The other ladies have kept a safe distance from Danielle  since the run-in at the Brownstone even leaving the country to escape her existence. But that’s all going to change next week…when Caroline calls for meeting with the ladies’ nemesis.

Caroline comes off as Marlon Brando era Godmother at a sit down. She tells the ladies that she is “so tired of watching you guys battle this maniac.” Caroline talks about Danielle vindictive nature and how she has gone after Teresa, Jacqueline and Dina saying, “she is so driven to hurt every single one of us.” And as if she was a Corleone she declared how they all “want her to go away.”

I smell trouble. Caroline arranges for a sit down with Danielle and Danielle who seems to have not only illusions of grandeur but also a pretty mean case of paranoia brings a long a protective posse, who just happens to be packin’. Egad.

But with yet another ‘sit-down’ with Danielle, doesn’t this just scream of the producer’s handy work? Like “we need just one more run in with Danielle…we’ll throw in a pair of Guccis, a case of wine and a pound of prosciutto. You in?”

Will you be tuning in or are you just over all the drama?

Check out clips of next week’s episode here.

Photos: BravoTV