Real Housewives Of NJ: Teresa Giudice Courthouse Drama! What Happened?


There was some good news for Teresa Giudice of the Real Housewives of New Jersey. In court, Teresa and her husband Joe Giudice were cleared of fraud charges.

The two had been sued by a business partner who said that Joe had forged his signature on legal documents to scam $1 million dollars for himself. Joe was cleared on those charges but apparently he had been forging his wife’s name for ages…but that wasn’t the issue at hand.

And it ain’t a day in the life of Teresa Giudice without some good old fashioned drama! What happened?

Apparently Teresa went off  on the other side’s lawyers wife, pointing at Monica Ciccone and saying “You and me gotta talk!” She then confronted her again in the halls of the courthouse yelling at Ciccone saying “You need to stop telling people my business!”  At that point Ciccone said to Teresa, “I’m not talking to you, you’re a bully!” All this drama apparently didn’t sit will with Joe. He was overheard saying in frustration, “”I’m f**king tired of this TV sh*t!”

I wonder if the cameras were rolling? Or is Teresa just living the reality TV star life 24/7?

Photo: PR Photos