Real Housewives of NJ Teresa Giudice Denies Rumor Husband Joe was Unfaithful


Real Housewives of New Jersey‘s Teresa Giudice denies the rumors that her husband Joe Giudice has been unfaithful.

“It’s totally false,” Teresa told “Trust me, Joe gets enough love IN our marriage, he doesn’t need to look anywhere else.”

“We’re very happy,” she added to In Touch Weekly, adding that she and her husband are closer than ever.  Despite all the hardships the couple are going through, they manage to keep their intimacy so it seems!

Joe reportedly laughed at the story, telling the magazine that he and Teresa “still make love once, sometimes twice a day.” 

Wow, good to know Joe!

The couple has really had no break from all the gossip since news broke about their financial troubles.  After they filed for bankruptcy in June, rumors spread that Joe had been cheating on the RHONJ star with a “Teresa look-alike.”

Another website reported that an “unimpeachable source” claims that Joe is dating a woman named Tara G.

“There is no Tara G.,” a source told PopEater. “People saw Joe and Teresa out to dinner with Tamra from the Real Housewives of the OC the night of Joe’s [truck] accident and it got reported that that was his girlfriend. Tamra equals Tara. But Teresa was with them both!”

Unlike their financial woes, the couple insists that the cheating story is completely untrue.

Now can you breathe?