Real Housewives of NJ: Teresa Giudice on the View Talks Debt, Slum Lords and Gold Toilets


Real Housewives of New Jersey‘s Teresa Giudice was probably pretty giddy to be going on The View. Just last week the President was sitting on their couch dishing with the ladies. But Teresa’s visit to the view was not filled with rainbows and sunshine. It was a pretty intense interrogation that did not veer away from the topic of her family’s money woes. So what went down?

Teresa seemed like a deer in headlights. Not being the casual, off the cuff  Teresa we have got to know and perhaps love, but a Teresa who came off guarded, nervous and tense. Right from the start the hosts began to quiz her about her money issues.  Teresa defended their enormous $11 million dollars of debt as being from their investments in apartment buildings which prompted Joy Behar to ask if her husband was ‘slumlord’. A phrase the seemed foreign to Teresa.

The couple apparently have four huge apartment building in East Orange, NJ which Joy also referred to as “tenements.” Teresa stated that when the economy went bad, people couldn’t pay their rent, which means that they couldn’t pay their mortgages on the buildings. But their ex-business partner (who they are in two lawsuits with) claimed that Joe didn’t even pay the utilities on the building, hence the whole slumlordy thing.

Teresa also claims that she lives within her means and now only uses her debit card and isn’t racking up credit card debt. And that she doesn’t live excessively stating that,”I don’t have gold toilets…” and that “I cook for my kids. I don’t a nanny, I don’t have a cook.”

She also admitted that she had no idea that they had this kind of financial troubles brewing and that Joe had kept it from her so she wouldn’t worry. And added that their financial crisis had actually brought them closer.

But poor Teresa, the whole chat was just about her money troubles but there was a little tidbit at the end where she got to inject that she’s working on a second cookbook and that she’d love to go on Dancing with the Stars. But that was about 2% of the discussion. She later tweeted “Whew! It’s over! I knew The View wasn’t going to be a lovefest, but you gotta take the tough questions sometimes…” and “Thank you all for your encouraging tweets. I’m fine. I’m a tough cookie. It takes more than an old comedian to bring me down. ;)”

Do you think they should have been a bit nicer to this Real Housewife?

Photo: PCN