Real Housewives of NJ: Teresa Giudice's Lawyer Responds To Bankruptcy Scandal


Forget Danielle Staub, Teresa Guidice of The Real Housewives of New Jersey has a new nemesis John Sywilok. No he’s not a new hunk making the scene at the Brownstone, he is the trustee that was assigned to Teresa and Jon’s bankruptcy case and he’s stirring up more trouble for the couple than Danielle ever could.

Sywilok is claiming that in court documents – that were dated on June 30th they didn’t include interests in a Laundromat, pizza parlor, Teresa’s clothing line and Teresa’s successful cookbook Skinny Italian.  And that’s not it, he’s also reportedly claiming that they undervalued many of their assets, like saying that their pool table is worth just $1000, their wedding bands $400 and they valued their living room furniture at $2000. And the Guidice’s could be saying ‘buh buh’ to all those fancy furnishings in their Towaco mansion since Sywilok wants to sell their assets at a public auction next month.

But Teresa and Joe’s lawyer thinks that the bankruptcy trustee may be overreacting and he plans to officially object to the filing in court. He told People that they didn’t hide anything… “The contract for Teresa’s book was signed after the bankruptcy petition was filed, and all money was received post petition.” He added that,  “If she knew the recipes, it doesn’t take four years to write a cook book,” he says. “It’s not a Mary Higgins Clark novel.”

He also added that the pizza parlor is actually owned by Joe’s dad and shouldn’t have been included. And he believes that the plans to sell Teresa and Joe’s belongings won’t net that much for the creditors saying, “a $5,000 chandelier won’t sell for $5,000. Nobody will buy a used mattress. The real issue in bankruptcy is, what’s the value of everything? And at the time of the bankruptcy, these things didn’t have any value.”

I do wonder that when deciding what to sell, do they have mercy on the kids? Do they let children keep their beloved beds, toys and other pricey items? Or does the court have no mercy on the munchkins?

Photo: Pacific Coast Online