Real Housewives of NYC & NJ: Are Jill Zarin and Caroline Manzo New BFFs?


Now you wouldn’t automatically think of the ladies of the New York and New Jersey franchises of the Real Housewives as being all buddy buddy. But with the promotion machine that is BravoTV, their social circles are becoming more and more intertwined.  And these ladies, these moms, they have a one big thing in common, they have the unique shared experience of being stars of ridiculously popular reality shows. Plus they all seem to be pretty good at shopping, drinking and gossiping, so they have that in common too. But there are two stars who are apparently hitting it off, hitting it off so much that people are throwing around the term BFF, Jill Zarin and Caroline Manzo.

Last week the two both went to a the Hamptons for a charity event and an insider told Hollywood Life that, “Caroline and Jill were inseparable. Dina [Manzo] had rented a house for the entire week, but her big sis Caroline opted to stay with Jill!” And Caroline and Jill daughters were hanging out as well.

Caroline even tweeted a thanks to the Real Housewife of New Jersey saying, “Many thanks to @jillzarin & family for their hamptons hospitality this weekend! Xoxo”

What did the Manzo nemesis think of this new BFF-dom? Danielle Staub told Hollywood Life,

“I guess congrats are in order?!” she said. “I want Jill to be happy and have good people surrounding her. Jill is amazing and has always been very kind to me and has reached out to me on several occasions in good and bad times … we’ve shared a lot.”

“I had no idea they spoke but congratulations,” says Danielle. “Jill is actually very wonderful.”

Are Jill and Caroline and odd couple or a match made in heaven?

Photo: BravoTV