Real Housewives of OC: Jeana Keough Returns to Bravo on Jackie Warner's Thintervention


Original Real Housewife of Orange County Jeana Keough may have said goodbye to her fellow OC housewives when she left the popular series. But she did not say goodbye to the Bravos cameras for good. Jeana will be returning to TV but not drinking cosmos, going shopping or partying it up with the blond bombshells of RHOOC.  Rather she will be making a guest appearance on Jackie Warner’s new show Thintervention.

The show, which debuts on Bravo on September 6th, will feature Warner working with overweight clients who are still in their real-life environments and surrounded by the distractions and stresses of their personal and professional lives.” There will be “amazing locations,” weekly weigh-ins and group therapy sessions.  There will be eight people with a quest to get in shape that will be featured on the show. And 54-year-old Jeana Keough will be one of them. Her goal is to lose 25 pounds during the process.  Her kids are all athletic, with her sons pursuing baseball careers, it’ll be interesting to see if her kids will get involved in their mom’s journey.

Will you tune in on this new weigh loss show or do you think that there are enough of them out there?

Photo: BravoTV