Real Housewives of Orange County Have A Scary Experience In NYC


The stars of Bravo’s Real Housewives got quite a scare in NYC this week when they met up for drinks. Tamra Barney, Vicki Gunvalson and Peggy Tanous, all Orange County Housewives, met up with NYC Housewife Ramona Singer at a popular New York City bar.

“So many fans came over and said ‘we love you guys,'” Singer said. After talking with fans for a bit, a middle-aged man approached the Housewives with a free round of drinks in his hands.”He sat next to Tamra and Peggy and said, ‘I have a special drink for you two ladies.’ Singer said. “Tamra drank only part of her drink, but Peggy drank all of it, poor thing.”

The women left shortly after they finished their drinks, and 20 minutes later when they were back in their hotel, the effects of what they believe was spiked drinks started kicking in.

While speaking to Andy Cohen on his ‘Watch What Happens Live’ talk show, Tamra Barney says that at the bar that night she “got roofied.” She was referring to the drug Rohypnol, used in many date-rape cases.

Barney also dished to Radar about the frightening experience. “At first our friends thought the wine was really getting to our head,” Barney said. “So they got us in a cab took us to the hotel. We walked into the hotel bathroom and got very sick and passed out on the floor of the hotel lobby bathroom. It had been about 30 minutes from the time we drank the drink until we were out.”

Their friends got them back to their hotel rooms. “I woke up in my room at 5AM not knowing how I got there,” Barney said. “I was extremely dizzy and couldn’t get out of bed. The room was spinning in a way I had never felt. It’s like everything was in slow motion.

Fortunately for the girls, that was the worst of the experience, but they all learned something that night: Barney considers herself lucky and says, “I think it’s a lesson for everyone to learn — Never take a drink from a stranger…Thank God it wasn’t more serious.”