Real Housewives On Maury Povich


Maury PovichIt’s Real Housewives Take Maury! Real Housewives ‘stars’ Danielle Staub (New Jersey), Ramona Singer (New York) and NeNe Leakes (Atlanta) all appeared together Thursday on The Maury Povich Show.

The ladies were on the show to help makeover four regular (aka 4 women who wish they had their own reality show) NYC housewives. Sources say that the there was no fighting, name calling or yelling! Danielle and Ramona were spotted chatting on and off the set. “Danielle and Ramona were chummy together and were chit-chatting a lot. You know, having girl talk.”

I also suspect they might have been drinking since “Ramona and NeNe both told Danielle how much they liked her song,” Because have you heard that train wreck? Anybody who says they liked that has some serious issues, or is hearing impaired!

Will you watch The Housewives on Maury?