Real Housewives Star Adrienne Maloof Eats Her Shoe!! Yes, It's True


Adrienne Maloof is known to be a wee bit indulgent. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star can certainly afford to be. And this week she was given quite an decadent delicacy to devour…edible shoes.

But no worries, she won’t be putting these on anytime soon. The glitter silver Louboutin styled stiletto and matching set of shades that was presented to her was made entirely of chocolate.

“Bravotv sent me a beautiful glittery chocolate concoction”. She also tweeted the creator of the chocolate art – Madame Chocolat saying, “my kids couldn’t believe it was actually chocolate!”

Yup, these accessories are pretty enough to eat and the big plus is that you can. This piece was created by the before mentioned Madame Chocolat and you can go right here to buy some truffles, bon bons or chocolate coated this or that right here.

Photos: Twitter and BravoTV