Real Housewives of New York City: Are Alex & Cindy Leaving the Show Because of the Kids?


There are new rumors that the Real Housewives of New York City may be down two ladies next season. Rumors are swirling that not only is new cast member Cindy Barshop leaving but that original housewife Alex McCord is also jumping the reality show ship. If this is indeed true, is the reason their kids?

Cindy Barshop and Alex McCord are the only cast members with young children and/or babies.  All the other ladies have children who are teens. And having that kind of responsibility, even with the help of nannies, must take it’s toll.

Alex has two boys – Francois and Johan who are five and seven and are in school. There is no doubt that there are some significant challenges in having reality stars as parents. Not just with teasing on the playground but in dealing with the other parents as well. Alex hasn’t been shy about having the kids on the show, but that was when they were younger. Now that the reality of their well- reality show stardom is more understandable to them, it may be a good time to pull the plug and let them be kids without the pressure of having their family’s lives on TV for all to see.

Cindy Barshop was only on the show one season and she did not seem too thrilled to be there. And seriously she shouldn’t. The woman has her hands full. Not only is she running a big beauty empire but she is a single mother of twins! One wonders if she didn’t really think the whole thing out before she signed on. Being a cast member of a reality show an extremely popular show at that –  is not something one should decide on lightly.  I think her twins need her more that Kelly, LuAnn, and the rest.

But Alex? She told Popeater that “If I had a dollar every time an ‘inside source,’ i.e. a cast member, leaked a ‘story’ that I was out of RHONY, I’d be a multi-millionairess!” So maybe her and her sons will continue their reality as reality show stars.

Will you be sad to see one or both of these ladies leave the show?