REAL! Those Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Kissing in the Caribean Are Real!


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There has been loads of speculation on whether Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are a couple or not. Although they try to play it off like they are more like brothers and sisters, one look at these photos of the two in the Caribean and you tell that this ain’t no sibling like relationship! What takes place in these photos? And are they real?

Justin Bieber is shirtless and wearing just a pair of shorts, while Selena is looking very much grown up in a blue bikini. While out on the balcony of their accommodations in St. Lucia Justin gives Selena a kiss. In another photo, Selena has her arms lovingly wrapped around Justin. And in the most racy shot, Justin gives Selena’s behind a pat.

You can check out the photos for yourself here. Pretty real looking, no?

Do you think they’re going to finally come out as a couple soon? Or will they continue to keep it on the down-low so Justin’s fans don’t try to hunt down and hurt Selena?!?