Reality Steve: Can We Trust A Bachelor Spoiler From Him?


the bachelor spoilersReality Steve used to write just his funny take on The Bachelor. Hilarious stuff.  But, then, he was given the scoop on the Jason, Melissa, and Molly scandal a few seasons ago.  Those of us who read his site knew before the “shocking” After the Final Rose show that Jason picked Melissa at the final rose ceremony and then changes his mind and wants to be with Molly.

After that, Reality Steve became the go-to guy for The Bachelor Spoilers. He gave us the spoilers for this current season back on December 8.  But, over the weekend, he heard conflicting information about who does Brad Womack pick.  Should we continue to believe Reality Steve’s spoilers?

While he did have the ending of Ali’s season of The Bachelorette wrong, he had all the rest right and corrected the ending spoiler before the show aired. With Brad Womack’s season, he’s correcting himself two weeks before The Bachelor finale airs.  Some will believe Reality Steve on who does Brad Womack pick: click for your Bachelor Spoiler.  And some will doubt him.

Either way, Reality Steve provides an entertaining look at the happenings on The Bachelor. Do you read The Bachelor spoilers?