Really? Jennifer Aniston Advised to Get Brad Pitt's Sperm After They Broke Up?

Jennifer Aniston

Friends, they sometimes have some pretty wacky pieces of advice – especially in the wake of nasty breakup. They may tell you to crank call him, throw away all belongings, or in the case of the dearly departed  super agent Sue Mengers, advise your friend Jennifer Aniston to get some of her ex- Brad Pitt’s sperm. Yes, that would have been an interesting memento from their marriage, and would have made for an even more awkward situation between Brad, Angelina and Jennifer if Jen had decided to use the sperm to get pregnant.  According to Maureen Dowd…

“After Brad Pitt left Jennifer Aniston for Angelina Jolie, Mengers told me that she advised her beloved Jen to ask Brad for some of his sperm.” It sounds like Mengers thought that Brad’s DNA would be a good thing to have around.

Mengers “was a yenta who loved fixing people up, in work and in love,” Dowd stated, in an item on the New York Post. “If a match struck, she would urge the woman, ‘We have to close the deal.” Mengers evidently really liked to get couples to that next step.

Do you think Jennifer Aniston would have ever tried to procure some of Brad’s sperm for her own Brad bun in her oven?