Rebecca Black Friday Called 'Genius' by Lady Gaga, Million Dollar Payday?


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The Rebecca Black video Friday has been all over the news as being the worst song ever made. Rebecca Black, who is only 13 has been trashed for Friday but it appears that she’s having the last laugh!  Lady Gaga calls Black “a genius” and even Simon Cowell likes the song! Forbes estimates that Rebecca Black has made close to a million dollars from Friday.

Rebecca Black’s performance on the Friday video has been a viral sensation, and it has been widely regarding as “the most appalling thing on the Internet.”  Instead of letting it get her down, the teen has flipped the situation around, calling out her haters for cyber-bullying and getting all kinds of national media attention.  Then, Lady Gaga says she is a genius. Watch the clip below to see Gaga’s entire reply about Rebecca Black but the music diva told reporters:

“I think it’s fantastic. I say Rebecca Black is a genius and anyone that’s telling her she’s cheesy is full of s–t.”

The meanest man on earth on American Idol, Simon Cowell has jumped in with Lady Gaga to defend the teen singer, saying Rebecca is “brilliant” and it is “hysterical” that there is such an uproar over Friday!

Because it IS Friday, you can watch Rebecca Black’s video Friday below, followed by a clip of Lady Gaga!  Enjoy!

How did Rebecca get to a place where Lady Gaga calls her a genius and mean Simon likes her song? Rebecca Black’s parents hired a company to produce a video for Rebecca, who is just 13-years-old. The company released the music video Friday and it became a web sensation—and not in a good way.  But Gaga thinks she’s a genius so who am I to say, right?