Rebecca Black Friday: Rebecca Black Gets Manager, Making Album (Video)

rebecca black friday manager album
Rebecca Black's Friday leads to album?

Just because Rebecca Black’s Friday is being called the worst song ever, doesn’t mean she doesn’t totally have a career ahead of her. Yep, that’s right… you haven’t heard the last of Rebecca Black!

For better or for worse, Rebecca Black’s “Friday” – the viral video song that people love to hate – has really put her on the map.

Earlier in the week, Rebecca Black appeared on Jay Leno’s Tonight Show and now she’s getting a little help from Ryan Seacrest.

An executive who works for Seacrest’s company helped Rebecca land music manager Debra Baum, who says Rebecca Black will be going into the studio soon.

Baum says of Rebecca Black, “She is unbelievable.”

Was she listening to something else?