Rebecca Black 'Friday' Worst Song Ever?


Rebecca Black FridayIs Rebecca Black’s new music video “Friday” the worst song ever made?  The Internet seems to think so!  Twitter has been buzzing for days about “Friday” and it’s a viral hit.

Friday is a hit in the “so bad its good” kind of way and people all over the globe are making fun of Rebecca Black and her new single.  But at the end of it all, Rebecca Black will probably be laughing her way to bank because of “Friday”!

Huffington Post had a pretty scathing (but funny) review of the video.

“If aliens watched a highlight video of pop music videos and tried to make their own this would be the result. Of course, there’s a healthy dose of auto-tune and half-hearted child acting too. All of these pieces have created a fascinating and funny mutation of pop culture that’s just fun to watch and a little catchy in a “Get out of my head!” way.”

Snap!  Watch Rebecca Black’s “Friday” and tell me what you think!